About us

About us

In 1991, a group of men began gathering monthly, in a place of serenity, creating community, exploring men’s issues, speaking to each other from the wisdom of personal experiences. We are all ages, and walks of life, our community is simply being male. We honor each man’s individuality.

Referred to as The Mythopoetic Men’s Movement which is a freewheeling exploration of male spirituality and male psychology. It encourages men to delve into their psyches by reintroducing them to literature, mythology and art. Our work is inwardly directed, encouraging men to find and follow their individual path, that personal myth or mission that will give meaning and form to their lives.


Dr. William Brown , a Clinical Psychotherapist who has practiced Individual, Group, Marriage and Family Counseling for 37 years, has embraced the men’s movement with a passion. He feeds our souls with poetry and music. He participates as a man.  In 1999 we regrouped as a closed council to allow for deeper spiritual work within our core group of men.

Stories are told… ancient ones, and our own stories… and we remember our wounded-ness. We get in touch with old ways of healing in the masculine path.  In silence we remember choices that led us to this place, this space, this behavior, these feelings, and these ways of being Selves.

We meet for soul work  through poetry, in drumming, in sharing, in the joy of just being… without expectations or judgment. We use drums and percussion instruments of all styles and origin, to call us together as men, releasing our tensions, finding the inner self that longs to be free, to be wild, to be part of community.  African Jimbes and Congas, Native American hand drums, bongos, cow bells, and even simple wooden sticks are combined to create an unstructured threshold forming a bridge between ordinary space and time to the serenity of a space safe enough or sacred enough for our sharing.

We are a non political and non-sectarian, not for profit organization.  Those who can, bring drums, poetry, stories, … others simply bring themselves.  We come to be ourselves, celebrate masculinity, find support and understanding.